Supermarket delivery or store pick-up (Instacart)


Whenever we go over to Orlando we always stop off at a supermarket on our way from the airport to the villa. However, it isn’t always convenient to have to do so after a long, tiring journey and when friends or family have come with us on holiday and we are all arriving at the same time  it can be a struggle to get the bags of supermarket shopping into the car because it is already so full of suitcases. So when we have been in that situation we have either ended up squeezing everything in or just buying some basics on the way from the airport but then having to go back to the supermarket the next day to do a full shop. What we have never yet tried is doing a supermarket pre-order to either collect from the store when we pass or having the groceries delivered to the villa. I think the only reason we haven’t done a pre-order is we don’t mind stopping off en route and doing the shop and also I am always a bit worried about what would happen if our flight was delayed and we couldn’t cancel the delivery and ended up with a load of food sat on the doorstep for hours waiting for us! An option would of course be to have a delivery organised for first thing the morning after your arrival.

Anyway, those are my own thoughts around arranging our own delivery. There are many people though who like to pre-order and I would imagine with great results. The nearest large supermarket to Watersong is Publix and it is just over 5 minutes drive away and you will pass it on the way from the airport (Orlando International). There is also an Aldi about 12 minutes drive away. Both of these supermarkets as well as Target deliver via Instacart to our villa. The zip code for the villa is 33837.
If you prefer to pick-up your order from the store then both the Publix and Aldi have that option, although I am not sure that Target does.
You do pay for delivery: a single delivery, Instacart charges $5.99 for orders of more than $35. For orders from the minimum $10 up to $35, it charges $9.99. The curbside delivery is free from what I can see after looking online but I would recommend you check this in case things change.
I hope this helps. If you do choose to use Instacart you do so at your own risk as we would not be able to do anything if your flight gets delayed I am afraid.