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13 Best Places for Wildlife Watching in Florida

Published On: 26 Jun, 2019 02:46 PM


One of the greatest revelations to us since owning the villa and taking holidays over in Florida has been the abundance of wild life out there. Around the resort of Watersong itself we have so far spotted deer, an armadillo, racoons, an alligator, Sand Hill Cranes and vultures all of which are wonderful to see. Also whenever we have a holiday ourselves at Florida Delight we always make sure we have a number of excursions out to different places to enjoy Florida's wildlife and nature in its natural habitat. 

We have had lots of great days out and as always when on holiday at the villa there are so many things to do that we feel spoilt for choice and can't get everything in. However, three stand out days for us on a recent trip there with friends staying with us, all involved being out enjoying the wildlife. The first was a guided bike ride off the beaten track around Celebration with Celebration Bicycle Tours. It lasted about two hours and was absolutely lovely cycling through the woods and around the lakes and we saw an abundance of great birds, alligators and even a turtle. 

Another highlight was a trip to the coast to Clearwater. This turned out to be one of the coldest days of the holiday, so not a day to actually swim in the sea, but we had booked a trip on the SeaScreamer which is a large speedboat that seats around 40 people and as it is goes fast through the sea you get dolphins following the boat and enjoying playing in its wake and jumping out of the water alongside us. It was a lot of fun and very different to our previous dolphin boat tour from St Pete's on a yacht which we have done twice now and is as nice an experience as the Seascreamer but more relaxed and quiet due to the different type of boat and number of people on board during each trip.   

The third stand out day was a trip up to a beautiful place called Crystal Springs where we booked on a boat trip down the river to see the manatees and also to have wet suits, snorkels and goggles so that we could very carefully float amongst them and observe them up close under the water. This really was a very memorable experience. 

These are ideas of places that we have visited ourselves and would recommend but there are so many amazing places in Florida that offer so much for those who enjoy nature and this article written by Trips To Discover highlights what they consider to be the 13 Best Places For Wildlife Watching in Florida.  

  I think so many people think of a holiday to Orlando just being about theme parks and of course there are some of the best theme parks in the world here if that is what you want to do. However, if you want to mix it up and do a bit of everything, or maybe you don't want to step foot in a theme park, then the growing list of things to do in the Nature/Outdoors section listed under the Local Attractions tab of our website is testament to the amount of choice there is in Florida.      

 First posted in March 2017 and updated on 25th June 2019.



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