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Rental prices from 2018 -2020

Published On: 04 Aug, 2017 05:46 PM

One of the most important aspects of owning and renting a villa is getting the prices right so that we are able to offer  high quality accommodation as well as good value and competitive rates. There are many villas to choose from throughout Florida and we need to be an attractive proposition for would-be guests as well as being able to cover own own costs. Things come along that impact on exchange rates and thus the cost of a holiday and renting in Florida that we aren't able to anticipate such as Brexit but on the whole we have rolled with the punches and try and keep our prices low.

Over the next three years we have planned that the price of renting our villa in 2018 will remain the same as 2017 with no increase. We have then built in a rise of just 2% in 2019 and 2020.

When you look on the rates on our website, as with those of many if not all other villa websites, the rates are divided into four bands: Low, Mid, High and Peak.

The costs for each band per week are as follows:

Low $1094/£841.54

Mid $1248/£960

High $1546/£1189.23

Peak $1599/£1230

Or to put it another way.......

Based on 10 people staying in the villa (you can have 12 people but 10 is a good number to use for this illustration).

In the low season of £841.54 a week that would work out at £120.22 a day for a party of ten people or £12 per person. 

Or to put it another way.......

There aren't many quality hotels where you could stay in Orlando at a cost of £12 per person a night and have your own bedroom and ensuite bathroom with TV, private pool and a games room.  

Or to put it another way ..........

Staying in a villa is an absolute bargain, especially for a larger group!


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