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Seeing the Manatees

Published On: 19 Dec, 2016 04:52 PM

One of the things that Richard and I haven't done yet on a trip to Florida is go and see the manatees when they come into the inland waters between the months of November to April. We have seen them when we went to the aquarium in Sarasota a couple of years ago and were amazed at how large they are! Nothing beats seeing an animal in its natural suroundings though and so a trip to one of the state parks such as Blue Springs  is a must do activity on our next visit. Blue Springs is approximately 1 hour and 18 minutes away from the villa and a great place to have a day out. You can see the manatees from various look outs or boardwalk if you want to stay on dry land or you can go on an excursion by boat or in kayak. Not sure which option we will choose yet.

If anyone reading this has been to Blue Springs or any of the other state parks in Florida to see the manatees I would love to read your comments please.


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