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The end of Wet n Wild

Published On: 08 Dec, 2016 01:16 PM

I have just returned from a business lunch during which I was chatting to a colleague about the fact that we own the villa in Florida. She was soon reminiscing about the last time she had a holiday in Orlando, which was when she was ten, some 30 years ago! The two places she remembered very clearly, along with Disney of course, were Kennedy Space Centre and Wet n Wild.

I told her that Wet n Wild is set to close permanently at the end of 2016 which surprised her as she would no doubt be remembering it in all its glory from her childhood. We too took our sons there around 12 years ago and we had such a fun day out. However, all good things must come to an end and when you look at what is being built to replace it, Universal's Volcano Bay, however nostalgic our feelings, the future promises to be very exciting indeed for those visitors to Orlando who enjoy a good waterpark!  To view the promotional video of this forthcoming attraction click HERE


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