Publix Supermarket (5.2 miles:- 9 minutes)

We are often asked about where the nearest supermarket is and which is the best. There are in fact many to choose from within a relatively short drive from Watersong and we have tried most of them. It is worth being aware that food in American supermarkets tends to be more expensive than in the UK, especially anything that has been imported from Europe. So if you like things such as feta or stilton cheese be prepared to pay a high price for it. Similarly popular UK items such as Heinz Baked Beans or McVitie's Chocolate Digestives can be found in stores such as Publix but they are dearer. I recently went to buy about 8oz of stilton from Walmart and it was going to cost nearly the equivalent of £9!

Times listed are by car. I have only listed the two nearest to us as there are many throughout Orlando and often we will call into one if we are out and about. However the two listed below are the ones we use the most and also when we first arrive in Orlando and are en route from the airport to the villa it will be at one of the Publix listed below that we stop to get in some initial provisions for breakfast. Both are on the way to the villa, just on slightly different routes.


There are several Publix near to Watersong and I would say that Publix are our favourite supermarket to use when in Florida. Probably the equivalent in quality, and service as Sainsbury's is in the UK. More expensive than Walmart and a lot more choice than Target.

Publix at Champion's Gate = 14 minutes, 7.3 miles

Publix at Reunion (Ronald Reagan Parkway) = 9 minutes, 5.2 miles

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Walmart (9.4 miles :- 15 minutes)

Walmart is huge! Like Publix there are Walmarts dotted all across Orlando. They are extremely large stores and they sell a wide range of food, drink, clothes, fabric, electrical goods etc. In fact there is probably not much they don't sell. You can buy Disney merchandise for a decent price at Walmarts too.

Although we shop at Walmart quite frequently it is really because we need to buy  household items for the villa or because I like sewing and their fabrics are really cheap. In terms of food, it has a very wide range and the quality is like Asda (same company). From a personal point of view I never find the staff very friendly, the queues are long and if you ever have to take anything back to Customer Service be prepared for a long wait. We often buy our beer and wine at Walmart. 

We usually use the Walmart at Haines City; Walmart Supercenter, 36205 US-27, Haines City, FL 33844, USA as per the google map attached to this and also the distance above.

There are however many more and one I will want to try next time we are at the villa is the following one at North Ridge Trail.

Walmart, 5100 North Ridge Trail, Davenport, FL 33897, USA  = 10.2 miles :- 18 minutes

Walmart Supercenter, 4444 W Vine St, Kissimmee, FL 34746, USA = 12.7 miles :- 20 minutes

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Target (8.7 miles:- 15 minutes)

 We used Target  for the first time in March 2017 after having had it recommended by our Management Company who live out in Orlando. When we walked in to Target it was not even apparent that they sell food and I had to ask where it was. Unusually the food part is right at the far end of the store. It is very large and sells clothes, electrical goods and many other things as well as food. The selection of items for sale in the food department is fairly small and also quite expensive. Quality wise it is probably on a par with Sainsbury's in the UK. There are of course many Targets in the area but this one on Posner Park is the nearest. 

If you come out of Watersong and turn left there is a brand new road  called Ernie Caldwell Boulevard on the right which opened shortly after we last returned to the UK back in March. This road is of high quality and takes you straight up to Posner Park 

What I like the most about this Target is its location, on the Posner Park retail area. There are some other good shops on Posner Park especially J.C Penny which is like a big Debenhams, but nearly always nearly empty of customers. I have bought several pairs of Levis at J.C. Penny for about £35 a pair! There is also a massive electrical store called Best Buy which Richard loves. A large bookstore is also on Posner and Michael's Craft store. So I would use Target if we need a few bits and want to look in any of the other shops but not as my main choice for where to do my supermarket shopping. 

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Dollar General (2.8 miles :- 5 minutes)

Dollar General is the nearest store to the villa at just 5 minutes drive away. There are a lot of stores like Dollar general around, a couple more being down in Davenport old town itself.

Dollar Stores do not sell fresh fruit, vegetables or meat. However, we find it useful if we run out of a basic item such as milk. They do have a reasonable amount of food for sale though and it is relatively cheap. Don't confuse the name of this store with the UK's Poundland where everything is a pound. At Dollar General items are not all priced at $1. 

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Aldi (12.9 miles :- 20 Minutes)

I shopped at this Aldi based at 4425 W Vine St, Kissimmee, FL 34746 for the first time today. There is also a Walmart and Publix near to it. It is a very busy interesection for traffic but handy with Walmart just across the road to it. 

We have previously shopped at the Aldi based at Haines City (near Walmart) 35770 US-27, Haines City, FL 33844 which is even nearer to our villa at 9.4 miles:- 16 minutes. That one is handy if you are going to eat at Manny's Chop House which is only a couple of minutes away in Haines City, a restaurant always worth a visit when over here on holiday! 

I am a big fan of Aldi in the UK and would like to do more of our food shopping at Aldi in Florida but because Publix is more convenient in terms of location I tend to shop there more or go to Walmart as they sell a lot of household items as well as food. However, a new Aldi is being built up at the junction next to Reunion which is about 10 minutes drive away and once that is opened later in 2019 that will be my supermarket of choice here.  

This holiday (February 2019) I have done most of my food shopping in Aldi and have been really happy with the quality, prices and speed with which I can get through it compared to Walmart. They do a very good range of wine called Winking Owl which is surprisingly very good for the price and we would definitely recommend  you trying it if you enjoy a glass of wine.

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