Water Parks

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon ( 18.5 miles:- 25 minutes)

Disney World has two water parks. The hugely popular Typhoon Lagoon, designed to resemble a beach resort devastated by a tropical storm, can hold more than 7,000 people at once. Enjoy a range of fun and exhilarating water based activities from water slides or a giant wave pool to a ride on a raft down the lazy river or soaking up the sun on the sandy beach.

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Disney's Blizzard Beach ( 16.8 miles:- 24 minutes)

Disney's Blizzard Beach is made to resemble a wet and magical ski resort that has melted in to a watery wonderland.

Take the ski resort style chairlifts or dare to plunge down the Summit Plummet which is  one of the tallest and fastest freefall body slides in the world.

Lots of really fun ways to spend the day enjoying the water and being thrilled with large crashing waves, rapids and waterslides that you have to experience to believe. 

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Aquatica (21.2 miles:- 26 minutes)

Aquatica is Seaworld's water park and combines a mix of thrill rides and family fun rides with the addition of enjoying some wildlife too. The Loggerhead Lanes is a ride on a lazy river with the added bonus of drifting through an underground world where you can observe tropical fish as you go. 

There are pools, water slides, lazy rivers and umberellas and places to relax around the wave pool area. This YouTube video gives an idea of what to expect.

We had our first visit to Aquatica in mid February 2018. We ranged in ages from 12 to 55 and whilst we all had a fun couple of hours at Aquatica we all felt that it somehow lacked the real wow factor that we experienced at Volcano Bay which we went to a few days later. 

Considering that Aquatica is part of the Seaworld organisation (and right next door to it) I was suprised how little sealife they have incorporated into the park. Any posters that I had ever seen advertising the water park have always given me the impression that you would be floating through tunnels with vast arrays of fish in glass tanks to look at. The reality is that there are some fish and a couple of what I think were porpoises there but that was all.

Parking for us was free with the pre-purchased tickets we had, otherwise you pay. You also pay $20 for a small locker, so take in as little as possible. We took a couple of towels but left them in the car rather than taking up locker space and to be honest in the Florida heat, by the time we had walked back to the car in our swimming stuff we were dry enough to slip some clothes over the top. You will otherwise have to hire towels and try and get them into your locker. 

I am glad that we have experienced Aquatica, and we went as it was part of a 6 park bundle that we bought tickets for. However, I would not return again as I would much rather go back to Volcano Bay or try either of the Disney Water Parks.

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Universal's Volcano Bay (24.8 miles:- 33 minutes)

This waterpark is a tropical paradise combining thrilling, adrenaline filled rides with peace and relaxation. 

With the clever use of electronic type arm bands there’s no standing in long lines, wrestling with tubes, or waiting for the fun to begin as guests will be alerted when it is their turn to experience the attractions.

The centre piece of the island is Krakatau, a great Fire and Water volcano. It stands at 200 feet above the tropical landscape and streams waterfalls during the day and fiery lava effects at night. Inside the cavernous volcano the Waturi people dare you to brave a variety of heart-pounding water slides.

Here is a promotional video of the water park and what will be in store for guests and it looks fantastic!  

I had my first visit to Volcano Bay in mid February 2018, along with my 12 year old nephew, two sons (both in their late twenties) and my sister and her husband. Everyone of us really enjoyed the day and could easily have spent much longer there than we did but we had a bit of a time limit as we were due to go out in the evening.

The volcano is the real centre piece of the park and looks amazing with waterfalls cascading down it as well as a high drop tube slide. 

The electronic arm pad idea is excellent. You can only book onto one ride at a time and when it showed we had about 10 minutes remaining before our booked time we made our way to the ride and at 5 minutes to they would let us on. This idea means that you aren't hanging around queuing for ages and can go off and do another ride in the meantime. 

We also loved the things that you can go onto without a wait such as the rapids and the lazy river (with inner tubes). The best couple of rides for us were the aqua coaster and one with inflatables that all 6 of us went on together. 

The food was surprisingly good, and welcome, as it does make you very hungry spending a few hours running around a water park. We never have high expectations of food being particularly nice in a theme park, but here we all enjoyed our pulled pork sandwiches and fries or burgers.

Unfortunately even if you already have a ticket to get into Volcano Bay you do still have to pay $20 parking and money for a locker of either $16 or $20. Lockers are small and we made sure we took as little as possible with us because we didn't want to pay for more than one locker. 

The only other water park that we have done in Orlando is Aquatica and by comparison, in our opinion, Volcano Bay is by far the best park.

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